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Founded in 1994, Ferromet Corporation is a processor, recycler and broker of all grades of scrap metals. With operations, strategic partnerships and alliances spanning the globe, we are a premier recycler and supplier of raw materials to the metal making industries.


A bit about us...

From oversized steel skulls, tundish and mill rolls, to copper, aluminum and stainless, we recycle!

The Products We Move...

We handle and process all grades of scrap metals including; Mill Rolls, Tundish, Hobbs, Pit Scrap, Cast Iron, Plate & Structural, HMS, Busheling, Bundles, Slitter, Shredded Scrap, Turnings, Sheet Iron, Scrap Automobiles, Coils, Ingots, Blooms, Slabs, DRI (Direct Reduced Iron), HBI (Hot Briquetted Iron), CBI (Cold Briquetted Iron), Pig Iron, Metallic Fines, Oxide Fines, Mill Scale, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Tool Steels, Hi Temp Alloys and Stainless Steels.  We are also very specialized in the art of processing large, oversized and ultra-heavy materials.  To get our products to market, we utilize railroads, trucks, containers, barges and ocean going vessels.

The services we provide...

We are a full service scrap company.  Our scrap processing operations include shredding, baling, burning, crushing, shearing, screening and breaking.  We also have our own fleet of trucks and provide both lugger and roll-off boxes to service industrial generators of scrap metals.  Our retail operation purchases scrap metals for recycling directly from the general public.  This service effectively reduces the ever expanding burden on our local landfills and puts real cash directly into our local community.

Ferromet Corporation

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Our Processing facilities...

Located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, our award winning processing facility and wholly owned subsidiary, Ferrotech Corporation. Click here

for more details.

Our customers...

Our finished products are shipped to a variety of steelmakers and metal makers.  This would include the large integrated mills, the mini-mills as well as a number of specialty foundries.  We also export our products to select customers throughout the world.  In addition to these activities, Ferromet also imports a great deal of scrap into the USA by shipload, barge, container, truck and rail which is then recycled and re-used by it’s domestic USA customers.  There have been cases where we have imported scrap items that have been left to sit in piles on the ground for decades because there wasn’t a practical way to recycle them within their country of origin.  We have the way and we have removed and recycled those piles.

Our Partners...

Ferromet works in partnership with several companies in the international arenas.  These strategic partnerships have allowed us to expand our reach and bring new technologies to international trade.  Our current and past activities have allowed us to participate in mining and recycling projects in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Venezuela as well as the Virgin Islands.

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